Gary Cablayan CEO / Founder/ Director of Performance When creating “Evo Sports Training” my goal and vision was to help athletes pursue, manage and assist them to achieve their life-long dream of competing against the best. Starting athletics at a young age, I have acquired the knowledge and experience from youth to my professional level. I have also coached at various levels from youth to high school, college and now the professional and elite levels of athletics. My knowledge and understanding of the human body is on par with the best in the fitness and athletic training industry. I believe my clients have benefited from my knowledge of human kinematics where I am able to correct the training problems of individual athletes. One of my coaching strength’s is that I am constantly evolving. Modern science and research is always changing and our understanding of things continues to progress. No study in of its self is concluding, but rather each study forms a small piece of the high performance puzzle. Currently, I am training a global group of elite and professional athletes in preparation for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, I have coached two Olympians, Toyin Augustus (100 hurdles) from Nigeria and Kenneth Medwood (400 hurdles) from Belize. My expertise as an elite speed specialist has caught the eye of many NFL players. Two of those players is Washington Redskins’ receiver DeSean Jackson and the University of Washington’s receiver John Ross. I’ve been part of the development of DeSean from his youth through his journey to the Pro’s. I was instrumental in his training for his NFL combine, where he posted the fastest time as a receiver in the 2008 draft class. To this day DeSean Jackson is considered one of the fastest and most explosive players in the NFL. John Ross has made his name as becoming a speedy wide receiver. John has made recent NFL headlines by breaking Chirs Johnson’s NFL Combine 40 yd dash record by running a 4.22 40 yd dash. Since 2009, I have trained collegiate football players for the NFL Combine. Through proper speed work and specific strength and power training, I have been able to build the physical qualities required to improve their times by an average of 0.2 seconds in the 40 yard dash. Educationally, I hold a bachelor of science in kinesiology from California State University, Long Beach. I am also a certified USA track and field coach in the sprints, hurdles and relays.



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